Makalu Base Camp Trek-Cost, Distance, Itinerary, In Nepal

22 Days
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Introduction To Makalu Base Camp Trek In Nepal.

The Makalu Base Camp Trek is one of Nepal’s most difficult and exciting treks. However, because it is less well-known than other trekking sites in Nepal, its off-beaten pathways are quieter and more lonesome.

The Makalu Base Camp Trek, which leads to the base camp of the world’s fifth-highest peak, is one of the country’s most underappreciated trek routes.

The Makalu Base Camp Trek is ideal for adventurers who wish to explore remote sections of the Himalayan country and learn about the Himalayan culture and the lifestyle of those who live at higher elevations.

The trekkers will have the opportunity to visit the lovely Tibetan and Sherpa villages in the serene Himalayas on this 22-day Makalu Base Camp Trek.

The hikers will also travel via Arun Valley and Barun Valley, two of the country’s most remote regions. As a result, kids will gain insight into the difficulties of living in such locations.

Makalu Base Camp Trek
Destination: Makalu Base Camp Trek Full Cost (Source: Kimkim)

The Makalu Base Camp Trek also provides trekkers with a unique perspective of Mt. Everest (8848m).

The trekkers will enjoy the enchanting view of Mt. Everest (8848m), Mt. Makalu (8481m), Mt. Kanchenjunga (8586m), Lhotse (8516m), Baruntse (7129m), Chamlang (7319m), and the other Himalayas in the eastern side of Nepal after a difficult climb to Makalu Base Camp (4870m).

Makalu Base Camp Trek also includes a visit to Makalu Barun National Park, which contains a diverse range of flora and fauna.

The Makalu Base Camp Journey is the greatest trek for thrill-seekers who are willing to try new things.

Highlights Of Makalu Base Camp Trek In Nepal

Makalu Base Camp Trek itinerary
Destination: Makalu Base Camp Trek Full Cost (Source: Kimkim)
  • The eastern Kangshung face of Everest offers a distinct perspective.
  • Views of eastern Nepal, from verdant terraced fields to glaciers and waterfalls, as far as Kangchenjunga Pass
  • Witness the unique Rai and Sherpa cultures of Nepal’s rural existence.
  • See some of Nepal’s rarest wildlife, including the Red Panda.

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Overview Of Makalu Base Camp Trek

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  • Makalu Base Camp Trek takes you through a long journey to Makalu Base Camp (5250 m), now classified as Makalu Barun National Park and Conservation Area, you will see high-altitude terrains, snow-covered sceneries, and ethnic Himalayan lifestyle. Mt. Makalu (8463 m) is the world’s fifth tallest summit.
  • The Makalu Base Camp trek is a great adventure with breathtaking scenery that never gets old. The Makalu Base Camp Trek begins at Tumlingtar and travels up the Arun river valley to Sedua and Num before crossing the Shipton La Pass (4210 m) into the upper Barun river valley for a close look at Makalu and Chamlang Himal.
  • This trek takes you to one of Nepal’s most isolated and unexplored regions. Under an agreement between the governments of Nepal and China, the Barun valley is part of a massive international protected area that includes 2330 square kilometers of National Park and 830 square kilometers of a conservation area in Nepal alone.


Meet our agent and transfer to the hotel upon arrival at Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport. After checking in, receive a briefing on the tour and spend the evening at leisure.

After breakfast, we'll go on a guided tour of Kathmandu's most important historical and spiritual sites. The historic Durbar Square, the sacred Hindu temple of Pashupatinath, the famed 'Monkey Temple' (Swayambhunath), and the Buddhist shrine (Bouddhanath), which is one of the world's largest stupas, are all World Heritage Sites. A pre-trip meeting will take place at midday when we will meet our trek leader and other team members. In Kathmandu, spend the night.

After breakfast, we travel to Tumlingtar to meet the rest of the team who will be joining us on the journey. We then travel to Chichira, a small Gurung village. We stop for a rest at Chichira to prepare for the next day's hike. Chichira is where I'll be spending the night.

We get up early in the morning and drive to Num after a hearty meal. Num is reached after a gently paced trek through scenic villages and rich mountain forests. This is Num for us, a ridge line with magnificent views on both sides and perched at the end. Num for the night.

The Barun River is reached after a long descent through forests and terraced farmland. We cross the river and continue up the other side on an equally hard incline. It's often rather hot, but the forest in the valleys provides some relief. Makalu Barun National Park begins here, and this is where we register our permits. We set up camp at the very top of the settlement. Seduwa is where you'll spend the night.

Ascend the ridge that is flanked on the west by the Ipsuwa Khola and on the east by the Kasuwa Khola. We arrive in the unusual village of Tashi Gaon after crossing the slope through calm settlements and passing through small paddy fields. We are greeted by a stunning Himalayan panorama once we arrive. Tashigaon is where you'll spend the night.

This will be a challenging day because we will be walking on a steep trail at a greater elevation. We'll climb through the woods to a brook, then onto a ridge. The trail becomes much steeper from here, passing through a Kharka (grazing field) before reaching to the top of the hill through a series of hard stone stairs and small lakes. It's only a short distance down to Khongma Danda from here. Khongma Danda is where you'll spend the night.

The day off will allow us to recuperate our bodies before tackling the Shipton La the next day. Those who want to explore the surrounding area might take a walk around the area. Khongma Danda is where you'll spend the night.

Climb to the top of the Shipton La (pass), which will take a few hours. Pass through the Keke La at 4,170m after passing across the lake Kalo Pokhari (3930m). The magnificent vistas of Chamlang (7321m), Peak 6 (6,524m), and Peak 7 (6,524m) can be seen (6,758m). We descend via the picturesque valley to Dobate after passing the Keke La pass. Dobate is where I'll be spending the night.

We travel from Dobate through the rhododendron woodland to the Barun River and the valley's upper reaches. The first two hours of the walk should be taken very carefully because the trail is steep and difficult. We next continue a nice walk, gradually gaining altitude till we reach Yangri Kharka, which is located at the valley's bottom. Yangri Kharka is where you'll spend the night.

We pass through yak pastures, verdant woodlands, and boulder fields on our way to the valley after a moderate hike. During the beginning of the walk, the valley walls loom imposingly above us. As we climb higher, we cross Merek and observe a substantial increase in the spectacular Himalayan views. Langmale Kharka is where you'll spend the night.

Today is the day that we arrive at Base Camp. We climb up from Langmale Kharka to Shershong and then to Makalu Base Camp. The trail is mostly level, with icy glaciers and snow-covered mountains in the background. As we get closer to Shershong, we can see Mount Makalu. We get to take in the magnificent Himalayan panorama as we make our approach to the camp. Makalu Base Camp is where you'll spend the night.

The enormous Barun Glacier lies beyond the Base Camp, which is a stony barren place. The beautiful south face of Makalu, as well as the entire vista of Everest and Lhotse, can be seen from here. We can go exploring the nearby lakes and glaciers, as well as take a short hike up to the camp, where we can celebrate our accomplishments. Makalu Base Camp is where you'll spend the night.

Before turning the curve and heading back, we descend from the base camp and catch one more view of Makalu. We proceed via Shershong, Langmale Kharka, Merek, and Yangri Kharka on our way down the valley before arriving in Yangri Kharka. Yangri Kharka is where you'll spend the night.

We descend from Yangri Kharka through rock falls, verdant forests, and valleys on our route to Dobate. As we descend the trail, we follow the Barun River's banks. Dobate will be our home for the night.

The journey begins with a difficult ascent from Dobate to Mumbuk (Nambuk) through a fir and rhododendron woodland. On the way, we pass via the Keke La, Tutu La (Shipton's Pass), and Kauma La. After that, we return to Khongma Danda. Khongma Danda is where you'll spend the night.

The walk continues with a series of long, steep descents through the mountains. The trek leads us through dense forests before arriving in Tashigaon, an indigenous Sherpa settlement. Tashigaon is where you'll spend the night.

As we leave Makalu Barun National Park and descend to the Barun River, we retrace our tracks. We then proceed down the hillside, passing through villages and communities before arriving at Seduwa once more. Seduwa is where you'll spend the night.

We leave Seduwa and make our way to Num through verdant trees. As we descend, the trail climbs and descends, passing through deep woods and Sherpa communities. Num is where I'll be spending the night.

We retrace our steps back to Chichira, where we may enjoy the magnificent view of Mount Makalu one last time. The final portion of the trek will take us to Tumlingtar, where we will spend the night before departing for Kathmandu the next day. Tumlingtar is where you'll spend the night.

After a difficult climb in the highlands, we fly back to Kathmandu today. At our hotel, we can rest and relax all day or communicate with our loved ones. A goodbye supper is held in the evening to commemorate our successful journey to Makalu base camp and return. In Kathmandu, spend the night.

Today is the last day of our Nepalese adventure! About 3 hours before our scheduled flight, a representative will drop us off at the airport. We'll have plenty of time on the way home to plan our future excursion in Nepal's gorgeous land.



  • Unless otherwise specified, all airport/hotel/land transfers are via private or public car.
  • Breakfast is included in the price of your stay in Kathmandu.
  • Welcome, and farewell dinners will be held.
  • During the walk, you will be camping and will be provided with all meals.
  • Tours of Kathmandu, Paten, and Bhaktapur that include a tour guide and entrance costs (if the option is chosen)
  • Salary, insurance, equipment, flight, food, and lodging for an experienced trek leader, assistant guide, and Sherpa porters.
  • All required permits (national park entrance fee, TIMS).
  • A well-rounded medical kit.
  • All applicable federal, state, and municipal taxes.


  • Fees for Nepal visas.
  • International flights to and from Kathmandu are available.
  • Charges for excess baggage.
  • Lunch in Kathmandu, unless extra lodging nights not specified in the itinerary are required.
  • Insurance for travel and rescue.
  • Expenses for individuals (phone calls, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, chocolate, beverages, showers, etc).
  • Tips for porters and guides.

Makalu Base Camp Trek- 22 Days

How difficult is Makalu Base Camp trek?

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The Makalu Base Camp Walk is a long trek that often lasts more than 20 days. Similarly, you will gain about 5,000 meters in height during the walk, and the path is likewise difficult. Altitude sickness can occur if the procedure is not followed correctly.

Where is Makalu base camp?

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Makalu Base Camp Trekking: At an elevation of 8463 meters, Mount Makalu is the world’s fifth tallest peak. It’s part of the Makalu Barun National Park, which stretches across 2330 square kilometers in Nepal’s Solukhumbu and Sankhuwasabha districts.

How do you get to Barun Valley?

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Take a daily flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, Phaplu, Lamidanda, Bhojpur, or Tumlingtar to access Makalu Barun National Park in Nepal.

Where is the Barun Valley?

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The Barun Valley is a Himalayan valley in Nepal’s Sankhuwasabha district, located at the base of Mt. Makalu. The Makalu Barun National Park encompasses the entire valley.

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