Mt. Kailash Tour (Kailash Pilgrimage Tour)-Itinerary, Cost, Distance, In Nepal

13 Days
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Introduction Mt. Kailash Tour (Kailash Pilgrimage Tour) In Nepal

Tibet is a self-governing territory of China. Mt. Kailash is fantastic and has a unique world all to itself. Mt. Kailash attracts tourists because of its diverse geological terrain formations.

Mt. Kailash has a vibrant and well-preserved traditional and cultural character. The Tibetan land is full of spiritual and natural environments that allow one to be renewed in mind, body, and soul and given fresh life and vitality.

Spiritual leaders like the Dalai Lama, who is spreading his heavenly knowledge throughout the world, are also well-known for coming from this area.

A tour in Tibet is always a wonderful opportunity to discover the region’s untamed beauty of the landscape and its inhabitants.

One can see and feel the rich cultural history, such as monasteries and gomba, to name a few. Tibetan and Mandarin are the two languages spoken by the locals. Lhasa, Qamdo, Nagqu, Ngari, Nyingchi, Shannan, and Xigatse are among the Tibet autonomous region’s seven prefectures.

You can see the gorgeous Himalayas in the distance, and the panorama is always picture-perfect. Depending on the length of time and the tourists’ interests,

The program is specifically tailored by our organization, to meet your requirements. We offer carefully thought-out itineraries with the goal of making sure you discover every last bit of the mysterious land.

Your transportation, lodging, and other needs will be taken care of, and one of our guides will provide first-hand information on this stunning location’s attractions. Join us today for the best vacation ever and create lifelong memories.

Highlights Of Mt. Kailash Tour (Kailash Pilgrimage Tour) In Nepal

  • Cheapest pilgrimage tour to Tibet’s holy Kailash with simple tour arrangements
  • Recommended by Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor
  • First aid kit and travel guide
  • The necessary permissions and paperwork for the hike
  • Useful trekking equipment
  • if necessary, hotel accommodations, travel, and flights
Mt. Kailash Tour (Kailash Pilgrimage Tour)
Destination: Mt. Kailash Tour (Kailash Pilgrimage Tour)(Source: Mountain Hiking and Trekking)

Trekking group/single

We organize both group and private treks. Group discounts are available dependent on the size of your group. The larger your group, the greater the savings. Please see our price list for further information. Simply click the – we offer group discounts – link on the right.

Having said that, we can accommodate groups of any size and even add an assistant guide for groups of 12 or more.

100% Guaranteed Booking

We are a government-approved and bonded trek and tour company in Nepal. We are also members of the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and the Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN) (NMA). As a result, you may book your trek/expedition with complete trust.

As a deposit, we require 10% of the total trip cost. Within a week of booking, please send your documentation, including a copy of your passport, passport-size pictures, travel insurance policy, and arrival and departure flight information.

You can make a 10% deposit via bank transfer, western union, or online payment on our website, and the full balance when you arrive in Nepal. Cash, bank transfer, and credit cards are all acceptable methods of payment. In addition, you will receive payment choices in your email.

Last-minute booking

Even though it is always a good idea to plan ahead for your excursions. However, for those who are unable to do so, we provide a special last-minute booking option. To take advantage of this benefit, you must pay the entire trip cost 24 hours before the trek’s departure.

Even while we do our best to plan treks at any time, there is a small potential of a trek delay due to events beyond our control, such as the inability to obtain air tickets or unfavorable weather.

Can I extend my trip?

If you wish to stay in Nepal for a few days after the trip, we can arrange enjoyable activities for you, such as exploring areas in and around Kathmandu, Chitwan jungle safari, paragliding, rafting, canoeing, and so on.


We offer a farewell meal at the end of the trek, and we will also award you with a trek completion certificate after dinner (hard copy). It’s also a great opportunity to tell us about your experience and provide us feedback.

Overview Of Mt. Kailash Tour (Kailash Pilgrimage Tour)

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  • Mt. Kailash is revered as heaven, the final resting place for souls, and the spiritual hub of the universe by numerous sects of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jains, and indigenous people.
  • According to tradition and history, Mount Kailash, which rises to a height of 22,028 feet in the western portion of Tibet, is where Lord Shiva resides (6,714 m). The symmetrical summit, which is made of black rock, has four steep faces and a remarkable diamond-like shape.
  • The Vishnu Purana claims that Mount Kailash is the center of the universe and that its four faces are comprised of lapis lazuli, lapis lazuli, ruby, and crystal. As a result, climbing to the peak is prohibited. It is one of the three pilgrimage destinations in the region, along with Lake Mansarovers and Ponri Ngaden.


Today, we will travel from Kathmandu to Nyalam through the verdant Nepalese countryside, parallel to the Bhote Koshi River but traveling in the opposite direction, all the way to the Nepal-Tibet border. From there, we will continue on a steadily ascending road to the town of Zhangmu and then to Nyalam. We'll call it a day here in Nyalam and spend the night at the Guest House.

Today, we depart Nyalam and travel across the Thong La Pass to Pelgu Tso. Next, the route descends before ascending once more to Lalung La Pass. We will have a magnificent view of Shisha Pangma from here (8012 M). We will set up a tent somewhere acceptable for today and call it a day.

Today, we drive via the Thong La Pass to Pelgu Tso, leaving Nyalam behind. Then the route ascends again before descending to Lalung La Pass. Shisha Pangma will be incredibly visible from here (8012 M). We'll call it a day and set up camp somewhere suitable for today.

Saga and Zhongba are separated by a 145 km journey. The road is in good condition, and the trip will take about 4-5 hours to complete. At the western edge of Zhongba, there is a small monastery. If you want, you can go to the monastery and take a look around. Beyond Zhongba, the roads are quite uneven and arid. Although the scenery is stunning, you might want to pause occasionally to grab a few pictures.

The journey from Paryang to Lake Manasarovar is exhausting and demanding. The highway is exceedingly uneven and dusty. The duration of this travel is approximately 10 hours. We will pass various rivers along the journey, as well as the Mayum La pass. Panoramic vistas of the Himalayas are part of the breathtakingly gorgeous environment. We'll set up camp at Hor Qu after reaching Manasarovar for the night.

From our campsite, which is facing north, Darchen is roughly 30 km away. For pilgrims to Kailash, this is the main exit. For the Kailash Circuit walk, we will set up yaks or horses here.

Three days are required for the three-day Kailash circuit. It's a 53 Km track that is difficult to hike on. Day 1 of the Kailash Circuit: Darchen to Diraphuk. This hike will take you about 6 hours to complete. We will travel west in a clockwise route, and after a short distance, a cairn at 4730 meters will allow us to see Mount Kailash. On the way, we'll stop in Tarboche, the location of the yearly flagpole-raising event in Saga Dawa. Day 2 of the Kailash Circuit: Dhiraphuk-Zutrulphuk: Today, we will traverse the 5630-meter-high Dolma La Pass and the 5608-meter-high ice Lake of Gouri Kunda. Hindus worship at this lake and immerse themselves in its chilly waters. Day three of the Kailash Circuit is an easy, two to three-hour hike down to where the river exits onto the Barga plain. After driving to Darcha and then to Lake Manasarovar today, we will finish the three-day Kailash circuit. At Chiu Gompa, we'll be staying the night today. Chiu Gompa is perched on a rocky outcrop with a view of Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar.

On this day, you'll take it easy and independently explore the Manasarovar region. The meditation caves in these places are open for exploration. You can visit the Chiu Gompa to unwind or take a swim in the sacred waters of Manasarovar Lake.

On this day, you'll take it easy and independently explore the Manasarovar region. The meditation caves in these places are open for exploration. You can visit the Chiu Gompa to unwind or take a swim in the sacred waters of Manasarovar Lake.

We'll go from Paryang to Saga today and spend the night there.

Day 11 :

Driving from Paryang to Saga today, we'll stay the night in Saga.

Day 12 :

Today, we'll travel through the arid plains of Tingri to go from Saga to Nyalam. You will travel from the Tibetan plateaus and arrive in Nyalam, where you will spend the night in a pleasant, comfortable guesthouse.

After breakfast this morning, you will travel from Nyalam to Zhangmu over a meandering downhill road that will provide you with spectacular views of lovely waterfalls. It will take around an hour to drive here. You can reach the friendship bridge over the Bhotekoshi River, which connects Tibet and Nepal, by driving a few kilometers from Zhangmu. Five hours of driving through Nepal's verdant countryside will get you to Kathmandu, where you can take in the city's vibrant splendor and nightly markets. At Chehere and Dolalghat along the way, you can pause for a short fish snack.



  • 4WD transportation a land cruiser
  • Guests can stay in hotels, guest houses, and tent camping. In accordance with the above-mentioned schedule.
  • As specified in the itinerary, all sights and entrance fees.
  • Trekking permit and all necessary travel documents.
  • Everything you need for hiking, including a mattress and a tent.
  • Supporting Trucks to deliver food and logistical support. 3 passengers
  • Man and a yak Bring luggage and snacks with you for the trek.
  • Sherpa, cook, and helper are all Nepali nationals who are from Kathmandu.
  • Full board (B/L/D) basis for the meal plan.
  • Service fees and necessary government taxes.


  • Down jacket and sleeping bag (Good Quality thick one)
  • Nepal visa re-entry charge.
  • a telephone call, laundry, and hot water Bottle
  • Personal costs
  • Staff Tips for Guides, Drivers, and Sherpas
  • traveling costs
  • Gimmow Bag (Pressure Bag)
  • If there is an emergency, medical costs
  • using a horse or porter.
  • Rescue and Evacuation Service (Pony)
  • Any additional fees incurred as a result of natural disasters, unforeseen circumstances, etc.

Mt. Kailash Tour (Kailash Pilgrimage Tour) - 13 Days

How much does Kailash trip cost?

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1.6 lakh per individual. There will be 18 batches, each with 60 pilgrims. Each batch’s Yatra lasts for 24 days, including 3 days in Delhi for preparation.

How can I plan for Kailash tour?

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Only pre-booked tours (at least 30 days in advance) with authorized Tibet travel companies are permitted to take the Kailash tour. Booking the journey is quite simple because our offices are in Lhasa, Kathmandu, and Chengdu, and we have been a reputable Tibet travel service since 1984.

How much time does it take for Kailash Mansarovar yatra?

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Only pre-booked tours (at least 30 days in advance) with authorized Tibet travel companies are permitted to take the Kailash tour. Booking the journey is quite simple because our offices are in Lhasa, Kathmandu, and Chengdu, and we have been a reputable Tibet travel service since 1984.

Is Mt Kailash open?

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There are two paths available to pilgrims, and the journey is open every year from June to September. One travels through the Lipulekh Pass in Uttarakhand, and the other does so via the Nathu La Pass in Sikkim. Being the home of Lord Shiva, Mount Kailash has significant significance for Hindus.

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