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4 Days
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Introduction To Rocky Mountain Vacations In the USA

The Rocky Mountains, also known as the Rockies, are a major mountain range and the largest mountain system in North America.

On a busy 5-day tour loaded with stunning alpine beauty and energizing fun, we’ll visit the spectacular Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rocky Mountain National Park is a mecca for outdoor adventure and exploration in a diverse ecosystem that feels far removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Jagged peaks, wildflower-covered meadows, crystalline lakes, and abundant wildlife.

Rocky Mountain National Park is a mecca for outdoor adventure and exploration in a diverse ecosystem that feels far removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Our entire schedule has been meticulously planned to optimize scenic chances, taking us on paths through lush forests, past gushing waterfalls, and past awe-inspiring views of the park’s towering peaks.

Our campground is perfectly situated within this gem of the National Park system, allowing us to go on a variety of treks each day, all of which are designed to showcase the magnificence and beauty of the renowned Rocky Mountains.

Our guides will take care of the planning, cooking, and driving, so the most difficult decision each day will be deciding which panorama was the most spectacular and which had the finest wildlife sighting.

Each day’s adventure is followed by relaxing nights at our luxurious campsite, where we enjoy well-earned, delectable meals provided by our guides and swap stories over the campfire with newfound friends.

Rocky Mountain Vacations
Destination: Rocky Mountain Vacations (Source: REI)

The ideal high-country getaway to clear your thoughts and re-energize your spirit.

We go up and over Trail Ridge Road, nicknamed the Highway in the Sky, and voted one of the country’s top ten most scenic drives, to cap off our experience.

Highlights Of Rocky Mountain Vacations In the USA

  • With our expert guides, explore Rocky Mountain National Park’s stunning alpine landscapes.
  • Hike to a height of almost 10,000 feet, where you’ll find moose and marmots roaming freely.
  • Take a refreshing plunge in a cool alpine lake.
  • Trail Ridge Road is a well-known beautiful route.
  • Enjoy wonderful meals served by your guide and sleep comfortably in our spacious tents.

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Overview Of Rocky Mountains, USA

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  • This all-day journey takes you through the Rocky Mountain National Park. As you weave through small towns and cross alpine passes, take in the harsh scenery of the Colorado highlands.
  • Our hiking trips will take you to the spectacular national park’s waterfalls, wildlife, wildflowers, alpine meadows, and mountain peaks. Keep an eye out for animals including elk, black bears, and moose. You can go for short walks or simply rest inside the park.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park is a haven for outdoor adventure and discovery in a diversified ecology that feels a world away from everyday life.


The dazzling alpine lakes etched into the slopes of rocky mountain peaks are a highlight of Rocky Mountain National Park. On a magnificent circular hike today, we visit five of these hidden jewels. Bear Lake, located in the Tyndall Gorge, is one of the park's most photographed lakes. We hike to Nymph Lake, which is surrounded by pond lilies and offers spectacular views of Hallet Peak, Longs Peak, and Glacier Gorge, in addition to Bear Lake. As we approach Lake Haiyaha in lower Chaos Canyon, one spectacular view leads to the next. Finally, we ascend a series of switchbacks to The Loch, a stunningly blue lake where we stop for a picnic lunch. Our luxurious camp gives just the right amount of pampering after a long day on the route, as we enjoy a great camp dinner and the company of our hiking buddies. All meals are included in the price.

Note: late-season snow may prevent us from completing the entire circle hike described above in June. In this situation, we'll switch to out-and-back hikes that will still give us a good view of the lakes. Early season departures have the advantage of improved alpine beauty, with snow remaining on the peaks and a greater chance of seeing newborn animals.

We left Bear Valley behind and ventured into the Mummy Range, a subrange of the Front Range that contains some of the most accessible 13,000-foot peaks in the Rockies, after breakfast to explore the park from a different perspective. Near the start of our hike, we get a glimpse of the infamous Old Fall River Road, the original auto-route to Rocky Mountain National Park's high country, which was considered treacherously narrow and steep, requiring early cars to traverse the road in reverse because none of the other gears could handle the 16 percent grade. Fortunately, today's hike is a gentler ascent. We'll ascend through a densely forested basin, soaking up the shade, before crossing the Roaring River on a footbridge. As we climb, we'll take plenty of breaks to take in the scenery and learn about alluvial fans. At picturesque Ypsilon Lake, we reach an elevation of 8,540 feet. We'll have time this afternoon to explore one of the park's visitor centers before relaxing and taking in the beauty of camp. All meals are included in the price.

This morning, we take a picturesque drive to the Wild Basin Trailhead along the eastern side of Longs Peak in the Tahosa Valley. Before venturing out to see three stunning waterfalls, we fill our daypacks with food, snacks, and cameras. Copeland Falls, Calypso Cascades, and Ouzel Falls are all visually stunning and provide a wide range of photo options. The songbird known as the water ouzel (or American dipper) entertains us as it soars along the water in an endless search for aquatic insects in the rushing streams. Those who wish to get back on the route this afternoon can join our guides for a stroll along the Lateral Moraine Trail, which features several spectacular viewpoints. Tonight, our guides prepare a special farewell supper for us, giving us the chance to reminisce about our explorations in this spectacular national park. All meals are included in the price.

Driving across Trail Ridge Road, widely regarded as one of America's most beautiful drives, is a must-do activity in Rocky Mountain National Park. As we climb 4,500 feet in height, the foliage and topography change, and we look for marmots, elk, and other creatures that call this area home. We take a break up in the alpine tundra to climb the Rock Cut Trail. Starting at almost 11,000 feet, this hike differs from our prior hikes in that we are above the tree line, providing us with spectacular vistas. After that, we continue on Trail Ridge Road through the backbone of the continent to the park's west side and the Colorado River's headwaters. Before continuing our drive back to Denver, we stop at Holzwarth Historic Site for a short walk. We expect to arrive in Denver between 6 and 7 p.m. tonight. Breakfast and lunch are also provided.



  • Fees for landing and use of facilities
  • Bring your own water bottle; refills will be available.
  • Driver and professional guide
  • Transportation and Lunch


  • Transportation to the start of the trip.
  • Transfers from the airport.
  • Any type of insurance.
  • Gratuities for guides are optional.
  • Beverages containing alcohol. Items with a personal touch.

Rocky Mountain Vacations

How many days do you need to see Rocky Mountain National Park?

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Horseback riding is also available in the RMNP. Three full days in RMNP (followed by a day in Colorado to adjust to the altitude) would be sufficient for a pleasant visit. On your journey to your next location, one of those days could be spent traveling and enjoying Trail Ridge Road in one direction.

What is the best trail to hike in Rocky Mountain National Park?

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We recommend Tombstone Ridge (which is a terrific add-on to your gorgeous drive down Trail Ridge Road) or Nymph, Dream, and Emerald Lakes for a short, easy trek. Twin Sisters, Mt. Ida, and Tombstone Ridge are the greatest treks in Rocky Mountain National Park if you want to get away from the crowds.

What is the best time to visit Rocky Mountain National Park?

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From June to September, the greatest time to visit Rocky Mountain National Park is when the snow has mostly melted and the hiking trails and attractions are open.

Is Rocky Mountain National Park worth it?

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Rocky Mountain National Park is a national asset in its own right. It has the potential to clearly identify and capture the finest of what a national park may offer. It features sky-touching snow-capped peaks and fresh air that awakens the lungs like peppermint candy.

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Rocky Mountain Vacations-Distance, Cost, Itinerary
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